An update to the Counter-strike project

October 01, 2018


After a long pause of posting on my blog, i decided to make a post about the changes i made to my Counter-Strike Global Offensive server list application.

The biggest changes i have made, has been updating Angular from AngularJs to Angular6. I have changed the layout, and made everything responsive. The backend is still the same but with a bunch of tweaks and fixes. I have also added the possibility to login with Steam. I decided to not keep login information and put the responsiblity on Steam. I this that make sense as this is a server list of a Steam game.


These are the changes made over the past months:

  1. Updated to Angular6.
  2. Added Bootstrap 4 with a complete responsive redesign.
  3. Added Jenkins to the build process.
  4. Made the build process more streamlined with deployment etc.
  5. Added domain.
  6. Added a reverse proxy to the production server on AWS.
  7. Added a Websocket for posting servers after the update job completes.
  8. Added Steam as the main login process.
  9. Fixed a bunch of bugs on the backend.

These are the todos i have:

  1. Use HTTPS as the standard protocol.
  2. Add more statetics on the servers.

I will go into details on some of the changes made the next few months

If you have a subjection please don't hesitate to leave a comment on this post. I would love some feedback.


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